“You’d be horrified”: Q+A social media producer on comment moderation

“You’d be horrified”: Q+A social media producer on comment moderation

Sure I know what it’s like to have to moderate online comments, but what is it like to work D+R?

Neryssa Azlan has been a social media producer for two years and writes an ABC article about the type of content he sees, in light of the comments about Stan Grant.

D+R it’s obviously the show that is widely considered to have embraced and incorporated Twitter into its show.

NITV also recently shut down its Twitter account, with moderators witnessing daily abuse. It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

“During my time at D+RI can tell you one thing: if you are surprised by conversations about racism, then you may be part of the problem,” he writes.

“My role involves creating content and moderating the D+R social media pages, and sometimes even ABC News.

“Stan is not on social media, so his critics often come to our page to express their anger.

D+R it encourages open debate and conversation, but the vile things I see on a regular basis are astounding.

“Politicians and public figures call Twitter a cesspool, but for the hundreds of vile comments that appear on Twitter, there are thousands more on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms.

“You have the faceless trolls, but you also see profiles using pictures of their dogs or children making racist comments about Stan’s skin color; or accounts that post about “spreading kindness” and the like that also spit bigoted footage when we have someone Indigenous or queer on the panel.

“If you knew what some of your relatives and close friends were saying behind the comfort of their screens, you’d be horrified.”

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