WTFN attracts new staff to UK recruitment

WTFN attracts new staff to UK recruitment

Producers WFTN Entertainment have been inundated with applications since they issued an open call for unscripted staff from the UK.

WTFN, which produces shows like Space Invaders, Bondi Vet, Paramedics, Code 1: minute by minutereceived over 60 applications in 24 hours since promoting job vacancies for editors, producers, showrunners, post producers, field producers and production managers to UK crew through the press like Variety.

WTFN is willing to spend up to seven figures on flights, accommodation, work permits and salaries for 20 vacancies it has identified in its growing slate.

Steve Oemcke said: “In common with most production companies, we have a healthy and therefore staffed core team with the freelance talent required for the duration of series in production. However, the perfect storm of a vibrant domestic market, general skills shortages and our own increased commissions, has left us with significant talent gaps. We are known for producing high quality, history driven facts and aim to maintain and build on this reputation. Therefore, it’s important for us to find people, especially in post roles, who understand how to put a story together.

“We’ve worked regularly with British freelancers, both on the ground in Australia and remotely in the UK, often unseen, and know the UK’s talent base is among the best in the world.”

WTFN recently announced First on the scene for Nine, plus local rights for Guinness World Record.

Last month’s Screen Forever conference discussed ways to address the crew shortage in production.

WTFN say potential candidates interested in moving to Australia should send a CV and cover email to (email secure)