Worth: Patrick Edgeworth

Worth: Patrick Edgeworth

Veteran screenwriter, playwright, actor and producer Patrick Edgeworth, whose credits include Matlock Police, Cash & Co., BMX Bandits AND Georgia Girl died, aged 90.

Write an obituary for the Guild of Australian WritersMark Poole noted that British-born Edgeworth traveled to Australia to attend his brother Ron’s wedding to The Seekers’ Judith Durham.

He decided to stay and took up acting and then writing at Crawford Productions in the 1970s, becoming known for colonial dramas Cash and company AND Tandarra he made with Russell Hagg.

Writing credits included Homicides, Matlock Police (including acting roles), Special Squad, Chances, Ship to Shore, Blue Heelers, State Coroner, Newlyweds AND Neighborhood.

He wrote the screenplay which became the film of 2017 Bad bloodco-written by director David Pulbrook.

Perhaps he is best known for BMX Bandits which played a 16-year-old Nicole Kidman in her first major role.

In the theater, he wrote Boswell for Defense which saw Leo McKern star in London’s West End and Australia. He later wrote the musical, Georgia Girl, in 2015, which told the story of The Seekers.

Actor Gary Files recalled, “Many of us who have worked with Patrick have grown very fond of him and his approach to people and the profession itself. His sensible approach has kept many productions intact. This was most evident with his musical Georgia Girl, a combination of his love of music and his brother Ron’s marriage to Judith Durham of the famous group The Seekers. I got the impression it was Patrick’s greeting to both the group and Ron and Judy. Patrick attended all rehearsals and was always on hand to make changes to the book when needed. The cast and Judy loved him for it.

Edgeworth has also been active within the Australian Writers’ Guild, most notably serving as a judge for the AWGIE Awards. Up until the end he was actively developing a television version of his comedy Boswell for Defense.