Worth: George Maharis

Worth: George Maharis

US actor George Maharis, best known for 1960s police drama Route 66he died at the age of 94.

He died Wednesday with friend Marc Bahan sharing on Facebook: ‘George is well known for his stardom in Route 66, theater productions, singing, artist and most of all a nice guy would do anything for anyone. My dear friend, you will be terribly missed.

Born in 1928, one of seven children of Greek immigrants, his television debut was in 1953 but his big break came with Buz Murdock in Route 66a spin-off of the hit police procedural Naked Cityfrom 1960 to 1963.

Maharis was nominated for a Emmi in 1962 but by 1963 had left the series after contracting hepatitis.

“I have to protect my future. If I carry on at the current rate, I’m a fool. Even if you have $4,000,000 in the bank, you can’t buy another liver,” she once said.

Among her many other television appearances were The Most Deadly Game, Search for Tomorrow, Rich Man Poor Man, Marcus Welby MD, Night Gallery, McMillan & Wife, The Bionic Woman, Fantasy Island, Murder She Wrote and the TV movie See what happened to Rosemary’s baby.

Movies included Exodus, Sylvia, A pact with death, The event. His last film was the 1993 thriller Drew Barrymore Double.

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