Worth: Barry Newman

Worth: Barry Newman

American actor Barry Newman, best known for Petrocelli AND Vanishing Pointdied, aged 92.

His wife Angela confirmed that he died of natural causes on May 11 in a New York hospital.

After Broadway roles (including The Mousetrap) he was cast in the 1971s Vanishing Pointas a former race car driver who drives across the United States dodging the police and becoming entangled in a deadly criminal conspiracy. The film has become a cult classic.

He played attorney Anthony J. Petrocelli in the legal series Petrocelli, from 1974 to ’76. He defended clients in court while living in a trailer in Arizona with his wife Maggie (Susan Howard), while awaiting construction of their new home, which was never completed over the course of the series.

Additional film credits included Thim Limey, Bowfinger, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Daylight AND Burning city.

Small screen credits included Get Smart, Quincy ME, Nightingales, LA Law, NYPD Blue, The Fall Guy, The OC, Murder She Wrote AND Ghost Whisperer.

Source: Entertainment tonight