Will Alone Australia return to Tasmania?

Will Alone Australia return to Tasmania?

There seems to be little doubt that SBS will greenlight a second season of its hit show Australia alone.

The broadcaster had a open call for casting S2 from early April.

The show has since attracted exceptional numbers through VOZ for the broadcaster, with the first six episodes surpassing one million viewers.

SBS even calls it the most watched original production in their history, in terms of total consumption, obviously there were no BVOD numbers back in the days of shows like Go back to where you came fromnor VOZ at the time of Street of the fight.

However there is no denying the success of the show produced by ITV Studios Australia.

SBS Unscripted head Joseph Maxwell recently said TV tonight a second season was under consideration.

“We are exploring. At the moment we are not busy, but basically we are exploring all possibilities. With a show this size, it takes a long time to get anything done. So it makes total sense while there’s attention for this show to say, ‘Okay, what if we were to go again?’” she said.

With the show’s preference for cold locations, the show may return to Tasmania, but there are already whispers of filming in New Zealand.

“We wouldn’t necessarily be looking in the same place, but we could. So typically the United States ended up a lot on Vancouver Island in Canada, but they also moved around. So at this stage, all options would be open.”