Why did TV shows return to coding as a single entry in TV ratings?

Why did TV shows return to coding as a single entry in TV ratings?

Amongst one of the welcome changes in the new-look television ratings is the removal of ‘split-coding’ for Seven News, Nine, News, The Project, The Chase and more.

Now most shows are coding as a single entry in line with their EPG and playout.

There are still some exceptions including in Breakfast television, and where two half hour shows screen as a one hour double.

But what triggered the change, which began on January 1st?

Seven Head of Scheduling Brook Hall told TV Tonight, “It was a legacy thing where some markets went out to an hour. We had Today Tonight in Adelaide and Perth so we had to code the halves separately, and it just never progressed. So Seven and Nine just got together and discussed it.

“The aim is to get rid of all these 2x half hours, but it’s baby steps. The fact the biggest two shows on TV did it, I think is a good first acknowledgement that ‘Hey, everyone should follow suit.’ I think 10 agreed that The Project will do it and then this will just start moving everywhere. That would be the aim.”

The Project has since coded as a single program along with 10 News First.

SBS is yet to follow suit with SBS World News.

There may still be caveats such as Winner Announced, or possibly ‘roadblocks’ where shows are launched jointly across multichannels.

But this is a positive step.

“Seven and Nine had to lead the way on their biggest show to show we’re doing it.”