What was 2023’s biggest blunder in TV?

What was 2023’s biggest blunder in TV?

Voting continues in the TV Tonight Awards for the Best and Worst of the year in television.

Amongst the categories up for voting are the annual Blunder of the Year with you choices this year including TV Flops such as Blow Up and Rush, Kerri-Anne Kennerly’s refusal to taste jungle food, ABC’s King’s Coronation discussion, Kamahl’s backflipping on The Voice Referendum and a Spotlight interview with Bruce Lehrmann.

But there are others on the list of options, or you can add your own.

As always this is a lengthy survey that takes around 10 mins or more, and all the categories are blank so that nobody is left out.

Voting closes 5pm AEDT Friday January 5th 2024.

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