What shows are the networks looking for?

What shows are the networks looking for?

Recently a number of television executives attending the Screen Forever conference were asked what kind of programs they were looking for.

Here’s the answers…

ABC Comedy:

“I guess the range of things we are looking for in comedy… is to try to provide exciting content for as many different parts of the wider Australian audience as possible… I will just say that the thing we are looking for, actively at the moment, is comedies. We’re probably pretty well served for the dramatic space right now. So come to us with real heart-pounding gagfests.

“We are also looking very much into the future to make ABC iview a destination streaming service, not a catch-up service. So hopefully soon we can commission others that have that audience in mind. But right now, we’re obviously serving both the online viewing audience and a traditional TV audience.”

ABC Drama:

“What’s really important is the diversity of programming on our list. In the scripted space, we now have some very popular and wide-ranging returning series. So we’re open to looking for limited series that make an impact. Six to eight episodes is kind of a low point for us. I think when you pitch and think about ideas for us, it’s like, ‘Does it have longevity? Is that something that can go three series? Is it limited? Will he have overcome if he is limited?’”

ABC Entertainment:

“We’re always looking for good, strong comedian-led programming that really resonates. You have promobility if you have a big name. We’re also genuinely interested in the social experiment on TV… ABC’s version of this kind of thing, which I think should speak to our audience. An ABC version of constructed reality. Of course, we’re always looking for an efficient, high-volume studio production that resonates with a large audience. He will always be a winner…Difficult quiz it’s a fantastic example of that.”

Seven dramas:

“Seven is very broad and very importantly Australian. For our dramas we seek 25 to 54 demographics, mostly 40+ led by women. If you look at our ratings and demos, it’s very female-driven. So for us it’s really about resonating with that audience, emotionally. Something like RFDS extension it’s big, it’s broad, it showcases Australia beautifully. The stories really resonate and are thought provoking. The next series, I’m very happy to say, dailies are my joy, watching them every day. I think I’ve cried about five times in the last couple of weeks. And I can’t wait for everyone to see it… True Crime always runs for seven, short term, probably six to eight hours. We’re probably not looking for anything longer than that. But really, anyone can come to us in any form, be it scripts or pitch papers. The door is open.”


“At NITV we are currently looking for lifestyle programmes, food and entertainment, travel programmes. And we’re also looking for the kid-friendly facts. High-volume, low-cost factual series.

Foxtel Drama:

“In reality we are very flexible, we will make both returnable items and limited series. The Twelve it was a 10 parter, we’ll do 8, 6, features. Is it really about what is a cut great idea? We are definitely very selective. It’s about quality, not quantity for us, and understanding the richness of captured content that comes along.

“Any type of successful media business has returnable franchises that will deliver consistent audiences, but sometimes a limited series can really pull it off…”

Lifestyle / Entertainment Foxtel:

“Premium lifestyle shows that absolutely have to be best in class… Second, big, loud reality shows. To be honest, we would like to bring in new Binge subscribers. Thirdly, the general entertainment programmes, which are co-viewing for families –Glasses box is a great example, RockKwiz and another. And then fourthly, …low-cost ideas backed by brands, that are convenient for us. They can star in quite a few different subgenres of unscripted: travel, cooking for cash.

First video:

“It’s really important that our regional Australian programming has reach, not just in Australia, but globally. I think when we look at our local slate, we are always very customer focused…we always look at our slate holistically, trying to create something for everyone through unscripted, dramatized and… We have a very exciting slate for 2023 coming. We have nine Australian shows launching this year.”