What readers are saying about Australian TV

What readers are saying about Australian TV

Readers want to see more Risks taken by Free to Air, with less Reality and more Drama.

These are the key takeouts from reader comments in TV Tonight Awards voting.

Every year, readers are encouraged to leave their comments on Australian Television, in an open comments section.

This year they found time for the positive, the negative, and with some constructive ideas for the industry to take on board.

The Good

  • We had a good year this year.
  • Much more local content. It is better than it used to be.
  • It’s awesome.
  • A fairly interesting year of TV. Be interesting to see what next year will bring.
  • Aussie TV in the last year have stepped up a notch with new shows and new hosts, not the usual suspects.
  • Great to see more diversity in Australian TV and such high quality productions especially (and surprisingly from Amazon). My favourites for the year were Bad Behaviour, Class of 07, Deadloch, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart and Love Me S2. Also interesting that ABC chose to air three stories about male grief in one year albeit aimed at different age groups with In Limbo, The Messenger and Crazy Fun Park.
  • Great to see the return of Thank God You’re Here and so much Working Dog content. I think TV takes itself a bit too seriously these days and the opportunity for variety, comedy and alternative shows exists.
  • I mostly like comedy panel and entertainment shows on AU tv, I don’t really watch much else, sometimes game shows and if there’s any really good ones I sometimes watch entertainment but that’s about it.
  • Some excellent stuff.
  • SBS on Demand is a absolute godsend for catching up on amazing series not seen elsewhere.
  • Generally great content. Something for all.

The Bad

  • Boring and risk-averse.
  • Network TV is dying a slow and painful death.
  • The repetition of ads for new shows coming in 2 months time puts me off watching the show when it does eventually air, especially if it’s exactly the same ad.
  • Shit like a new love version of Big Brother… actually any show that cast wannabe “influencers”… stop giving them oxygen!
  • The trend towards delaying shows on paid streaming is dangerous and ridiculous. Pushing people back to illegal downloading.
  • Sick of the tired old shows and faces on the ABC. No credibility left, from me.
  • Commercial tv generally lacking in originality and interesting programmes. Public broadcasters have much better programming such as documentaries and much better drama eg The Newsreader and Fisk.

More Drama, Less Reality

  • Ditch the reality and bring back the drama.
  • Same as usual. A continuing over saturation of reality shows and news bulletins, lack of drama or comedy or documentary.
  • The more the Australian FTA networks rely on reality, the more they dig their own grave. They need to get rid of the stripped reality programming and start spending on original Australian content and maybe consider airing it in the bingeable way Channel 5 did with Heat or the BBC did with Marriage.
  • Less Reality and more Quality Australian drama like RFDS, a country practice, Wentworth.
  • Enough of the reality tv tripe – I would love to see some decent drama on Free to Air! Not listening to the audience.
  • We need to have more home-grown dramas and support.
  • Too much cheap to churn out dating crap.
  • Terrible that free to air TV have abandoned producing new scripted series.
  • Still disappointing that there is less Aussie Drama and the quality exists but we only see 6- 8 episodes and then have to wait a year or 2 for the next season.

Constructive Criticism

  • Reality TV shows need to return to live broadcasts. We do not need to have pre-recorded endings anymore.
  • We need our Australian dramas to have more than 8 episodes a season. I miss the good old days of Blue Heelers & Mcleod’s Daughters with 40 episodes a year.
  • I want to see networks take some risks. Actual risks. Something that changed the tv landscape forever or makes people talk about how they tried.
  • Stop rehashing old formats and be more creative with the new tv offerings.
  • Would great to be see more live or near-live programming across all genres and networks. Get rid of shows that are shot a year in advance with anternate endings for the winner. Get back to basics with franchise reality and see what was being done back in season 1 that made it so popular in the first place.
  • I hope the Networks discover their dare again, it seems like a race to the bottom of the safest programming at the moment. No guts no glory. With budgets being slashed across the industry but networks still wanting the same high-quality content, something has to give/change. I’m looking forward to 2024/25 being more exciting than the last few years.
  • Desperately need a late night talk show or Rove Live type of show back on our screens. Streaming is doing well eg The Clearing, Deadloch.
  • Channels 9 & 10 should put shows that have aired on Stan & Paramount+ on their free to air channel after they have been on Stan & Paramount +. Not everyone can afford to get every streaming service.
  • Different genres like sci fi or horror shows would be great.
  • People should be more lenient on Australian creators. We have far less of the resources and time of our US counterparts. We do a lot with a little and I wish people knew how hard, how long and how difficult the entire process is from scripting to production to post.

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