What I’ve Been Watching: Natalie Barr, Matt Shirvington.

What I’ve Been Watching: Natalie Barr, Matt Shirvington.

When I sat down recently with Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington, I asked what they had been watching latly.

“I like really like schmaltzy, light-hearted and heartwarming, like Virgin River,” said Natalie Barr.

“Something where I don’t have to think and there’s a love story.

“I don’t get a huge amount of time but I like stepping away. I don’t like being scared. I don’t like sci-fi too much. I just like something where I just can drift off into it.”

And what about the obvious show, Morning Wars?

“I’ve got to get into the second series, because the first series was my history. That’s me growing up in a newsroom in Perth & Bunbury. Kalgoorlie was my first TV news job, at GWN.”

Matt Shirvington said, “There’s a show on Netflix called The Chef Show with Jon Favreau, the director / producer, from the Marvel films. He was Hogan in Ironman. He also wrote a number of the spin off Star Wars series. Anyway, he did a movie called Chef about this guy who just wanted to get back to his food passions, and then started a food truck and went around the States.

“He’s turned that into this cooking show where he gets guests on and he just cooks stuff that he just absolutely loves.

“It might be a celebrity mate like Gwyneth Paltrow…. Tom Holland has been on there. It’s brilliant, it’s basically reality live TV. He just talks about his passion for food and learning.”

He added, “I’m kind of catching up on Billions, and Succession. I’m only up to Season Two, which is a bit of a drag because everyone’s seen the latest one.”