What I’ve Been Watching: Michael Rowland, Lisa Millar.

What I’ve Been Watching: Michael Rowland, Lisa Millar.

When I recently sat down with News Breakfast‘s Lisa Millar & Michael Rowland, I asked them what they had been watching:

Lisa Millar:

“I’ve just binged six episodes of the next series of The Newsreader. It’s so good. But yeah, I’m not doing a lot of TV watching because I’m trying to finish a book for Muster Dogs. They’re border collies and not kelpies this time. We are going to be going to different parts of Australia. There are going to be a few added surprises that you might not have seen last time around.

“It was the biggest show on the ABC after Bluey.

“I had high hopes for And Just Like That, and it ended up being dreadful. Because I was a Sex in the City era girl. I aged with them and I was so disappointed.”

Michael Rowland:

“Belatedly my wife and I have been churning through The Diplomat on Netflix. I’ve just finished Hijack on Apple TV. Opinions are divided but I love the fact that you wait a week…..I enjoyed the cliffhanger aspect.

“I try to switch off from news, basically when it comes to my entertainment. Sure, I’ll watch -not religiously- 7:00 news. Maybe 7:30, maybe not. My eyelids dictate that sometimes I’m not awake.

“And just for shits and giggles, I’ll watch Midnight Oil YouTube concert videos.”