What I’ve Been Watching: Catherine McClements

What I’ve Been Watching: Catherine McClements

Erotic Stories star Catherine McClements is a fan of Colin from Accounts and would secretly love to appear on Bluey.

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
CM: At the moment I’m really out for a laugh. Now I’ve finished watching Colin from Accounts, I’ve gone back to season one of Curb Your Enthusiasm, planning to do the whole 12 seasons. It’s soooo old, but I am of the Seinfeld generation and still get a kick out of that type of humour.

Which guilty pleasure shows are you reluctant to admit to watching?
CM: I always get a kick out of Rick and Morty. I’m not sure if I should be guilty about that.

Is there a genre of shows you absolutely can’t bear?
CM: I really don’t get into shows like A Current Affair or 60 Minutes, where news becomes entertainment.

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
CM: We can’t stop eating unshelled sunflower seeds! I realise it doesn’t sound too tempting, however they are so addictive. In Italian they are called “Passo Tempo” and we sit and devour them like a couple of cockatoos.

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
CM: A voice on Bluey. How proud would you be!

Tell us about your episode of Erotic Stories and what’s in store for your character Philia?
CM: Philia follows exhausted journalist and single mother Sam, who’s been tasked with reviewing futuristic sex toys in order to keep her job. She ropes in her best friend, played by Bert LaBonté, to help out. She realises that although she imagines that she’s finished with erotic encounters, erotic encounters haven’t finished with her.

Erotic Stories screens double eps 9:30pm Thursday on SBS (all episodes on SBS On Demand).