What did advertisers think of Seven’s 2024 Upfront?

What did advertisers think of Seven’s 2024 Upfront?

Now that Seven’s “massive” 2024 Upfront has concluded, what did advertisers think?

Both Mediaweek and AdNews have sourced a range of responses to the presentation.

Here are select comments (you can read full analysis at the above links):

Lorraine Woods, national head of trading, Atomic 212°:
Seven has invested heavily in new local content such as Made in Bondi, Stranded On Honeymoon Island and Dream Home. The new shows plus proven, dependable formats should see them win over both new and existing audiences, putting them in a strong position to compete against the lead up into what should be the biggest sporting event of the year.

The major headline was the live and free streaming of all AFL and cricket games for the first time ever in Australian viewing history. This will benefit the network, with fans remaining on the channel and advertisers investing more to reach these audiences along with their innovation in tech and data.

Nick Thomas, chief investment officer, EssenceMediacom:
The content lineup for the coming year is broad and deep, offering something for every Australian. It includes more free sports (all AFL and Cricket games free for all Australians) and a plethora of singing, dating, and renovation shows. The message was clear: they’re not aiming for sporadic ratings spikes, but consistent weekly ratings victories, whether it’s a one-off special or a mainstay of their schedule. The schedule features a mix of returning favourites like Farmer Wants a Wife, SAS, The Voice, MKR, Dancing with the Stars, Idol, and Big Brother, along with a host of new entertainment shows like Dream House, Made in Bondi, First Date, and Honeymoon Island.

Karen Shin, media director, Avenue C:
Seven announced a number of returning fan favourites, retired underperforming programs, and introducing new properties which borrow themes from successful formats. In terms of new shows, the two stand-outs were “Dream Homes” with Dr Chris Brown as the host promises to be a down-to-earth renovation competition, transforming homes into the quintessential Australian dream. “Stranded on Honeymoon Island” from the producers of MAFS will play on the familiar theme which we know works and delivers a consistent and robust audience.

Seven produced a highly competitive 2024 plan, with tangible benefits to see the network succeed with not only audience growth, successfully themed new properties, and data/technology to help with campaign delivery against business outcomes. Advertisers should be confident in partnering with the Seven Network heading into 2024, even despite not having the Olympics.

Joseph Pardillo, managing director, Ryvalmedia Melbourne:
Seven made a bold statement at their annual 7Upfront event, spearheaded by their trade positioning – ‘That’s Massive’ which was the underlying theme of their showcase… and it didn’t disappoint!

Whilst it was NO major surprise nor a massive statement for them to claim themselves as being #1 across News-Sports-Entertainment, as this is what we expect to hear from all Networks no matter which way you cut the numbers (in Seven’s case it was substantiated by their ability to reach 17m+ Aussies monthly across their content platforms), the big headline was their advancement in their data & tech-driven total screens trading system (the launch of PHOENIX) which really took centre stage!!

Steve Allen, Pearman’s director of strategy and research:
Massive was Seven’s catch cry, and this they delivered on. Lots of moving parts brought together to make targeting and advertising on Seven considerably improved, easier, faster, better. Seven did not dwell on an exhaustive show-reel. Rather close to the beginning they had a very compact stinger reel.As was the case when the largest ever Australian sporting rights deal with AFL was announced, one of the largest announcements was the digital rights to both AFL and Cricket for 2024 onwards.

Only a handful of new shows were announced. That was not Seven’s focus. More so they put the case that they had a stable of long time winners, to which they were adding a few new … Dream Home, Stranded On Honeymoon Island, The Wave, The Rise and Fall of Kings Cross, Made in Bondi.

Sarah Keith managing director at Active International and Involved Media:
The network delivered a confident and repetitive message…We are number one and we are here to stay. Overall the focus was on what builds those ratings foundations, 52 solid weeks of sport, quality news and the tried and trusted formats of Idol, the Voice,Big Brother and Farmer wants a wife.

The standout new show was Dream Home hosted by Dr Chris Brown. Fixing up homes for ordinary Aussies (we need the microwave out of the hallway not a marvel in the bathrooms) vibe. Tugging at the heart strings and ready to topple the Block perhaps.

Chris Parker, CEO of Awaken:
Leading the pack is ‘Dream Home’, which has already generated significant buzz. With the enduring popularity of ‘The Block’ now in its 20th season, many have tried to replicate its success. However, ‘Dream Home’ offers a fresh spin with its tantalising promise of winning a new home, which could be the unique selling point that draws audiences in. ‘Made in Bondi’ is another show to watch out for, reflecting a culturally relevant narrative that resonates with the Australian audience. Its theme aligns well with ‘The Rise of Kings Cross’, further emphasising Seven’s commitment to showcasing local stories and histories.
“On the flip side, the focus of mega-shows like ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’, ‘The Voice’, and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ underscores Seven’s confidence in its new offerings. These iconic shows have consistently drawn massive audiences, and their continued presence ensures a stable market share for the network.

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