Was Warnie really a flop?

Was Warnie really a flop?

According to media reports the Varna the miniseries was everything from a “flop” to a “underdog” in the ratings that experienced a “decline in ratings” or a “drop in ratings”.

It’s fair to say that critical reviews haven’t been kind to the two-part series. The social media comments were even worse, aside from some enjoying the nostalgia factor and kind words for Alex Williams.

But viewers tuned in to check that out for themselves, particularly on the first night.

While there were 515,000 Metro viewers in linear broadcasting, this rose to 840,000 in Total TV, which includes Regional and BVOD.

He was still in the queue dancing with the Stars at 979,000, but was second in entertainment for its premiere, a near-ratings flop.

The second night saw the drop to 423,000 meters overnight rising to 679,000 in Total TV. This puts it behind us 7:30 (962,000) e Master Chef Australia (742,000) but ahead of Million dollar islandthey are 474,000.

The numbers will rise even more with the 28-day consolidation.

Nine says he’s happy with the ratings numbers (there was no indication if he was happy with the reviews) and cites it as the highest-rated new drama of the year…not much to compare with there, sadly, so the statement is correct.

You hope their enthusiasm is an encouraging sign for the drama to be screened in a prime time slot. Whether this can happen on a more permanent basis or is kept for a “dramatic event” remains to be seen.

Nine’s next local drama, crime series Human error, is expected in the third quarter.