War on Waste goes to Splendor in the Grass

War on Waste goes to Splendor in the Grass

ABC Recycling Series War on waste has a Fast Fashion Graveyard installation at this weekend’s Splendor in the Grass festival.

With 227 million pounds of clothes ending up in landfills, it symbolizes discarded clothing ending up in landfills. With many Australians buying festival or concert clothing, often from fast fashion retailers, this activation highlights the harsh reality of their fashion choices.

Festival-goers are invited to walk through the Fast Fashion Graveyard and read the harrowing fashion waste statistics displayed on the gravestones. The activation aims to encourage festival-goers to consider the environmental and social impact of their clothing choices and empower them to be part of the solution.

Australia’s fast fashion waste crisis is just one of three investigations by Craig Reucassel during the new season of War on Waste.

War on waste the presenter, Craig Reucassel, says: “Fast fashion has exploded! We’ve moved on to ultra-fast fashion, even though 30% of the average wardrobe item hasn’t been worn in the last year. We throw away 10 kg of fashion per person every year. To make just the cotton clothes we throw away every year, it would take as much water as there is in Sydney Harbour. Meanwhile, more than 60% of our clothing is made with plastic derived from fossil fuels. Through this activation, we hope to engage the festival community in meaningful conversations about the impact of fast fashion and inspire them to embrace more sustainable and ethical practices. Buy less and wear it longer!

The Fast Fashion Graveyard will be open until Sunday July 23rd. Recycled or repurposed materials were used to create the activation, and after the festival, the materials will be reused or recycled.

Tuesday, July 25 at 8:30pm on ABC.