Walkley Awards 2023: Mid-Year Celebration Winners

Walkley Awards 2023: Mid-Year Celebration Winners

The winners were announced last night at the 2023 Journalism Mid-Year Celebration in Sydney.

Western Australian multiplatform journalist Daryna Zadvirna has been named the John B Fairfax family’s Young Australian Journalist of the Year 2023.

In TV and related categories there were wins for ABC, SBS and Network 10.

Short journalism
Fleur Connick, Guardian Australia, ‘Rural Water Quality Surveys’

Claudia Farhart, SBS, “2023 Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes”
Paul Sakkal, The Age, “Operation Daintree: Daniel Andrews under direct investigation in new IBAC probe”

Long or special feature

Xanthe Gregory, ABC, “The Eugowra Flood Disaster”
Joey Watson, Guardian Australia, “Inside Australia’s secret torture survival course for elite soldiers”
Daryna Zadvirna, The West Australian, “My Ukraine: Inside the Warzone”

Coverage of community and regional affairs
Xanthe Gregory, ABC 7.30 & ABC News, “Eugowra flood disaster”

Melissa Mackay, ABC News, “Wrong Justice”
Hannah Walsh, ABC, ‘Parents get apology from Mackay Base Hospital nine years after baby dies’

Visual storytelling

Rhiona-Jade Armont, Dateline, SBS, “Now You See Me: The Search for Syria’s Missing”
Julian Fell, ABC News, “How the Seeds of the 2022 Election Result Years Ago Were Sown,” “Opening the Black Box,” and “What’s Your Personal Inflation Rate”
Daryna Zadvirna, The West Australian, YouTube, “My Ukraine: Inside the Warzone”

Public service journalism
Brooke Fryer, SBS, “Missing: The Unsolved Cases of First Nations Women”

Lydia Lynch, The Aussie, “Lydia Lynch”
Liam Mendes, The Aussie, “Alice Springs”

June Andrews Award for Freelance Journalist of the Year
Patrick Abboud, Audible podcast, SBS Television / SBS OnDemand, The Project / Network 10, “Patrick Abboud”

Caroline Winter, Apple Podcast, Sick As A Dog website, “Sick As A Dog: An industry in crisis”
Nina Funnell, news.com.au, “Justice shouldn’t hurt”

Our premium watch

Alexis Daish, A Current Affair, Nine, “Kim’s Fight”
Melissa Fyfe and Jacqueline Maley, Good Weekend Magazine, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, “Rethinking Rape”
Richard Willingham, ABC Investigations, “Doctor Shortage Forcing Sex Offender Victims To Await Forensic Exams”

Humanitarian Storytelling Award
Matthew Davis and Peter O’Donoghue, Foreign Correspondent, ABC, “Myanmar’s Forgotten War”

Tom Joyner, ABC News and ABC 7.30, “Somalia’s Pending Famine”
Ben Lewis, Colin Cozier & Josh McAtamney, Dateline, SBS, “Boys, Love and War”

Australia Media Diversity Award

Dan Bourchier, ABC, “Voice Reporting by Dan Bourchier”
Hagar Cohen & Raveen Hunjan, ABC, ‘Racism allegations lead to staff exodus’

Jessica Horner & Nicole Mills, ABC, “A Lens Rich in News”

June Andrews Award for Arts Journalism

Gabriella Coslovich, Have a nice weekend, “The art of theft”
Marc Fennell, ABC TV, “Stuff the British Stole”
Anna Verney and Richard Cooke, Guardian Australia, “‘Miles Franklin-nominated novelist apologizes for plagiarizing Nobel laureate ‘without realizing it”

Winners will also be announced for the Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship with Nine, WIN News Broadcast Scholarship.