Waiter: Peter Flett

Waiter: Peter Flett

Actor Peter Flett, best known for Number 96, Prisoner, Neighbors, is dead.

He had a 50-year screen career, first appearing in 1972 Behind the legend.

ON Number 96 he played Michael Bartlett between 1974 and 1976, the handsome, but sometimes fake boyfriend of Marilyn MacDonald (Frances Hargreaves). He was also a suspect in the pantyhose murders for a time. There was also another role as Joe Minerver. He also played Dr. David Woods Rush in 1974.

Greatly turned on Prisoner he played 5 different roles, such as Lizzie’s lawyer, a psychiatrist, a TV reporter, Kath Maxwell’s husband and a cult leader called Brother Earth between 1980-86.

In 1985 Neighborhood he played Richard Morrison, who fell in love with Maria Ramsay (Dasha Bláhová) and moved to Hong Kong.

There were many other guest roles, especially in Crawfords/Grundy titles, on Boney, Silent Number, Matlock Police, Omicidi, Classe ’74, Cop Shop, Carson’s Law, Sons & Daughters, The Flying Doctors, Chances, Spellbinder, Heartbreak High, Wildside, Head Start, All Saints, Underbelly, Home & Away AND Rake.

Film credits include Rikky and Pete, A Cry in the Dark, A Kink in the Picasso, Son of MaskAND Ladies in black.