Vale: Ray Stevenson

Vale: Ray Stevenson

Irish actor Ray Stevenson, best known for Thor, RRR, Divergent, Rome AND Vikings he died at the age of 58

He died on Sunday in Italy but the cause of death was not disclosed.

Stevenson played Scott Buxton in a box office hit RRR and Volstagg in Marvel’s Thor franchise.

Stevenson began his film career in the 1998 drama The theory of flight before feature films King Arthur (2004), Punisher: war zone (2008), Eli’s book (2010) and The other guys (2010).

His next role would be Volstag in Marvel’s Thor (2011), which he reprized in Thor: The Dark World (2013) e Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

More footage would include The Three Musketeers (2011), GI Joe: Retaliation (2013), 2014 Divergent and followed Rebel AND Kill the Irish.

Acted as Othere in Vikings and voiced Gar Saxon in animation Star wars the battle of the clones AND Rebels. He also starred as Titus Pullo in the 2005-2007 series Rome. Most recently, last year he starred as Commander Jack Swimburne in the third season of the German TV series The boat.

Other credits included Reef Break, Rellik, Black Sails, Murphy’s Law, Dexter, Crossing Lines, Doctors AND The Spanish Princess.

He was recently cast in a historical drama 1242: Western Gateand was supposed to join Rosario Dawson in the upcoming Disney+ The Mandalorsno spin-offs Ahsoka.

Marvel said, “Incredibly talented actor and longtime friend of Marvel, Ray Stevenson has sadly passed away at the age of 58.”

He said his Volstagg “brought both humor and action to the Thor film” and added, “Marvel extends our condolences to Stevenson’s family, friends and fans around the world.”

Actor James Purefoy, who played Mark Antony in Rome, he tweeted: ‘So sad to hear the news that Ray Stevenson, our Pullo in Rome, has passed away. A brilliant, brave, over the top actor that he filled every part that he played to the brim. My thoughts go out to his family, his lovely wife Betta and their beautiful children. What a loss.

Director James Gun tweeted: “Damn. I am very sorry to hear of the passing, too young, of Ray Stevenson. I only knew him a little bit from the post-credits shoot of Thor 2 and a couple of interactions at events, but we had some good laughs and a pleasure to work with. His friends and family are in my heart today.”

Source: Expiration Irish news