Vale: Peter Crombie

Vale: Peter Crombie

US actor Peter Crombie, best known for Seinfeld, Born on the Fourth of July and Natural Born Killers, has died aged 71.

Ex-wife Nadine Kijner told TMZ he passed away on Wednesday after battling an unknown illness. Details surrounding his death have not yet been discovered.

“He was the kindest (SIC) most caring, giving, considerate man,” she said.

“He was loved by everybody, generous and never had anything bad to say about anyone.”

Crombie played “Crazy” Joe Davola in five episodes of Seinfeld’s fourth season. He could be seen harassing Kramer, Jerry and dating Elaine. The name was used with the consent of FOX TV executive, Joe “Lennard” Davola.

Crombie had 35 acting credits, including Get Smart, House of Frankenstein, NYPD Blue, Walker Texas Ranger.

He appeared in My Dog Skip, Natural Born Killers, The Blob, Se7en, Rising Sun, and Born on the Fourth of July.