Vale: John Beasley

Vale: John Beasley

Veteran American actor John Beasley, best known for Everwood, The Mandalorian AND The sum of all fears he died at the age of 79

He died Tuesday after a “brief and unexpected illness” at a hospital in his hometown of Omaha.

Beasley played a kindly school bus driver on Treat Williams’ drama Everwood for four seasons.

He has appeared in dozens of films dating back to the 80s including Rudy, The Apostle, The General’s Daughter, The Sum of All Fears, Walking Tall, The Mighty Ducks, The Gift, The Purge: Anarchy AND Sinister 2.

Other credits included The man of the soul, Your HonorAND The Mandalorian.

For more than a dozen years, he also ran the John Beasley Theater and Workshop in Omaha.

Source: ABC News