US police used ‘excessive force’ against Sunrise reporter, cameraman.

US police used ‘excessive force’ against Sunrise reporter, cameraman.

An investigation into US police brutality against a Sunrise The crew reporting on George Floyd protests near the White House in 2020 found that US park police officers used excessive force.

The New York Times reports it the investigation found that the officers violated US Park Police policies when one nudged a cinematographer’s camera with his shield and the other struck a reporter with his baton.

Seven news Reporter Amelia Brace and cameraman Tim Myers were shot by police while reporting on protests in Lafayette Square in Washington DC. After police cleared the area, President Donald Trump appeared in a photo opportunity outside St. John’s Episcopal Church, holding a Bible.

An officer hit Tim Myers with a riot shield, knocking his camera to the ground. As they both started running, another officer appeared to swing a nightstick at Amelia Brace’s back. Other journalists have also faced attacks while covering demonstrations against racial injustice in the United States.

The incident drew international headlines and condemnation, with the Australian government ordering the Australian embassy in Washington to investigate the incident.

“We determined that an objectively reasonable officer at the scene would not have concluded that the reporter posed a threat under the circumstances,” the inquest said. She added that the findings had been turned over to the National Park Service director for “any action deemed appropriate.”

The Inspector General’s report said U.S. Park Police guidelines require officers to “use ‘only the minimum level of reasonable force necessary to control a situation,’ which includes a requirement that an officer ‘reduce the amount of force at the lowest level necessary to maintain control of a subject.

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