Tribute: Rob Carlton is clearly confused

Tribute: Rob Carlton is clearly confused

Rob Carlton is back in Brisbane with a one man comedy show, Rob Carlton is clearly confused AND TV tonight has a double pass available for this Sunday evening only.

Actor, writer, producer Rob Carlton (Kerry Packer of the Paper Giants, Underbelly, Chandon Pictures, A Moody Christmas) returns to the stage reliving four true stories that made him the confused but happy man he is today.

Directed by fellow actor Darren Gilshenan, the show is live at the Brisbane Comedy Festival on 12th, 13th and 14th May at The Pleasuredome.

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Audiences will walk away feeling a little in love with the world. They will have laughed and cried and laughed again, and they will know they are not alone.

With four true stories – sexual taboos, huge lies, deep sorrows and blind hope – Rob takes us on a roller coaster ride that would make a better man wise. Instead, they just left Rob clearly confused.

Story 1: It’s a tribe gathering: It’s Grandma’s last Christmas. But two of the cousins ​​let their “feelings” get the better of them.

Story 2: After telling a lie that lands him halfway around the world and onto a film set as a continuity expert, Rob must learn this highly skilled profession from a book… on the plane during the trip.

Story 3: After his father’s death, Rob goes on a bike ride…with his father on his back.

Story 4: Looking for a mid-career breakthrough, Rob enters the highly competitive world of musical theatre, but can he sing?

“Rob Carlton may be the best storyteller on the planet” Podcast Nigel Marsh FML.
“Bloody amazing. Touching, hilarious, intelligent.” James Woods, Director.
“It was a breathtaking performance that exudes energy and high-class entertainment.” Garth hunter, bettor!

Rob Carlton’s stage comeback comes after a smashing couple of years on Australian screens with key roles in the Stan Original series Black Snow and Bali, with his recently re-released Stan TV show Chandon Pictures. Rob will also be seen in Netflix’s Boy Swallows Universe, the film adaptation of Trent Dalton’s best-selling novel, and the Paramount+ series Last King of the Cross and North Shore.

Dates: 12 and 13 May at 7pm. May 14th at 6pm.
Venue: The Pleasure Dome, Brisbane.
Tix are available here.