Travel Guides is “a gift of a show”

Travel Guides is “a gift of a show”

Much-loved Mother & Son star Denise Scott, who revealed last month she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in he fight against breast cancer, has told TV Tonight that her voice-over work on Travel Guides will continue.

“I do go into a sound booth, but I can sit, I can be bald, I can slouch -like whatever. I genuinely love the show. I think it’s an awesome show. I’ve never met any of the cast,” she said.

“It’s just been a gift. To watch a fabulous show, get to narrate it, get paid well and not have to put on mascara – not that I have eyelashes anyway… I’ll just wear my little headscarf and off I go.

“The production team are really nice people to work with. It’s a great gig.”

Travel Guides screens on Nine.