Today’s show denies host tension

Today’s show denies host tension

Media reports last week made claims about the salaries of Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo.

TodayKarl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo rocked by salary scandal,” New idea suggestedwhich in turn was based on estimates of $1.5 million/$850,000 by The Australian.

As is almost always the case, journalists are unaware of talent salaries. Even publicists aren’t usually at this level of detail that is between executives and agents.

But as reports from the British press showed this week, there’s nothing like a little behind-the-scenes morning TV gossip.

Nine’s morning television director Steven Burling has since forcefully denied reports of tension on the set, also claiming that the reported salaries “were nowhere near correct”.

“Salary data for our network talent released last week at various outlets was nowhere near correct. Anyone watching Today I can confirm that there is absolutely no tension on set,” he said

“We couldn’t be happier with our talented line-up of Karl, Sarah, Brooke, Alex and Tim who are all working hard and having a great time – end of story.”

THE Today the producer recently defended the show’s performance against Sunrise judgments.

“The story published today is a complete fabrication and distortion of the antiquated and outdated nightly rating system.”