Time out for Hamish McLachlan

Time out for Hamish McLachlan

Seven AFL presenter Hamish McLachlan has expanded on previous news he will be vanishing from screens.

He first flagged his plans to move overseas last month.

“I’m going to disappear (in) December,” McLachlan told SEN on Friday.

“You know my two girls and boy. Milla is going into her last year of primary school, and I spoke to a few people recently and they said their biggest regret is not having a year where they actually just sort of immersed themselves in the family.

“So, I got lucky on a couple of things, and not really that lucky that Nine took the Olympics, which means it’s sort of slightly an open year next year. So I’m going to go and disappear in December.”

McLachlan is expecting to travel for 12 months.

“We’re going to go and have five months in Switzerland and the kids will go to a local school there,” McLachlan said.

Source: 7news.com.au