Tim Robards & Matthew Mitcham pass SAS Australia selection

Tim Robards & Matthew Mitcham pass SAS Australia selection

Former Bachelor Tim Robards and Olympian Matthew Mitcham have both passed ‘selection’ on SAS Australia.

Two other recruits, Abbey Holmes and Dr Craig Challen, faced the final episode comprising a three-phase final mission: filming a death message to their loved ones, a five-km run before a 150-metre-high cliff assault and a hostage rescue.

But the DS culled Abbey before the final phaase.

Abbey said: “I’m very disappointed not to get to the end, but what this experience has shown me is that your mind and your body are capable of so much more. I know that I’ve pushed as hard as I possibly could. I’ve been lucky enough to really learn a lot about myself, and I’ve learned not to chase perfection.”

The DS decided two of the three contestants were a ‘pass.’

“I’m so happy. It’s shown what strength I’ve got inside. I probably doubted that a lot. Now I’m getting teary…” Tim Robards said.

“It was hard work. So many times you just want to stop, and you want to quit, and you’ve just gotta keep pushing and pushing. I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her that I made it.”

“I am just so elated,” Matthew Mitcham said. “This has been the best experience of my entire life. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.

“I did come in as a survivor and I have definitely thrived throughout this course. I was controlled by my inner saboteur before. But now I feel capable of doing basically anything.”

Ant Middleton told Dr Craig Challen he made an “amazing effort” and got to the end -but didn’t pass.

The show returns in 2024.