The Warne family offered a screening of the miniseries Nine

The Warne family offered a screening of the miniseries Nine

Some of Shane Warne’s family didn’t accept an offer to see the upcoming Nine miniseries, Varnawhich will debut this Sunday.

But Nine confirmed that some members have seen the drama.

Nine have been trying to appease the family after last year’s unwelcome headlines about their plans to dramatize parts of the famous cricketer’s life, brokered by family friend Eddie McGuire.

Nine has always maintained their story would embrace a man flawed, but a genius, a thief and a scoundrel and manager James Erskine indicated he was kept in the loop during production.

Simone Callahan has since told the Herald Sun the project is “a bit rude and petty” …presumably based on a lot of information but it is unclear if this included a final vision.

“He just died last year and they’re already making a show or whatever drama, miniseries, you want to call it,” she said.

“No sympathy, really rude. They are (the kids) still grieving, they lost their father, unfortunately with the way mainstream media is it’s all about the money to make, it’s a business for them, but it’s very personal to us.

If “all publicity is good publicity,” Nine will be hoping viewers watch the drama for themselves this Sunday at 7pm (rated PG) and then at 7.30pm Monday (rated M).

Source: SMH, Herald Sun

Updated: Nine has since confirmed that some family members have declined the screening.