The United States wanted to remake Please Like Me

The United States wanted to remake Please Like Me

When US youth cable and digital network Pivot launched in 2013 with Josh Thomas’ comedy Please like meit was a big win for the creator and star, producers Pigeon Fancier and ABC.

But it was almost a very different version that would hit screens.

Executive producer Kevin Whyte, speaking to Screen Forever recently, said: “It was originally supposed to be a remake and they didn’t have the time. Basically, they wanted it to premiere as part of their launch. So we ended up with the help of some partners in America, prompting them to say, “Let’s just buy it.”

“We probably would have had Josh do it…. but we would have twisted for a reason because the character is suddenly in America. You know, like he’s a college student or something.

Executive producer Todd Abbott recalls that it was Thomas’ comedic voice that attracted Americans.

“One of the things that kept coming up constantly was how Josh was writing that show, and some of the things that we did on that show were just things that weren’t happening on American television,” she said.

But among their odd notes was a request to reduce the bulge in co-star Thomas Ward’s underpants.

“The American network thought it was a little too risqué for them,” recalled Abbott. “That was probably the biggest difference we had. “

Kevin Whyte agreed, “There’s been a lot of conversation about bulges and a lot of conversation about lube.”