The UK will look into Emergency

The UK will look into Emergency

British broadcaster More4 has picked up three seasons of Emergencywhere it will be displayed as First aid from sunday.

First aid is produced by WTFN Entertainment, following an extraordinary team of real medical heroes at The Royal Melbourne. Screened locally on Nine, the series offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, capturing every step of a patient’s journey on mobile and fixed cameras in trauma bays, exam rooms and triage, and features interviews with doctors and nurses .

The deal, negotiated between Fred Media’s Mem Bakar and Polly Scates, senior head of acquisitions at Channel 4, is for 30 hours between season one, season three and the upcoming fourth season, which is currently in production and expected to be delivered. before the end of the year.

Mem Baker adds: “This series has proved to be a huge success in Australia, and I have no doubt that soon British viewers will be equally hooked and will be checking in regularly with their favorite doctors in First aid. Through the acquisition of two existing series and another in production, More4 has made a significant commitment to this title and we are delighted to be working with Polly and the team to give this extraordinary show such a brilliant home in the UK.

More4 previously acquired two seasons of WTFN productions Space invaders (20×60) by Fred Media.