The Traitors ends in a world first

The Traitors ends in a world first

The Traitors wrapped its second season on 10 last night with a world first….  three Traitors were left standing after the final Banishment ceremony after all Faithfuls had been eliminated.

Original Traitors Sam and Blake were joined by their recruit Camille, who had been flipped from a Faithful late in the season.

As the finale opened only two Faithfuls remained: Liam and Sarah.

After Liam’s banishment, the three remaining Traitors voted Sarah out.

That left them with silver bars worth $208,000 but a dilemma: to ‘share’ or ‘steal’ the loot.

Despite openly agreeing to sharing the silver Sam voted to steal, as did Blake -meaning they would share it 50/50 if Camille voted to share.

But a mistrustful Camille had quickly come to know her teammates and also voted to steal.

“If I wasn’t going to win, none of us were,” she quipped. Ouch.

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Host Rodger Corser delivered the bad news: none of them would win anything. Another world first.

Blake was crushed by the news, unable to hold back the tears. He looked a broken man who was clearly counting on the loot to change his life.

Sam was stunned, if not angered, that all the work he had done across the series in orchestrating the exit of 17 players had been for nought. He blamed Camille for all three walking away empty-handed, but was not held to account for turning on his own teammate in Blake.

Camille was having none of it, basically accusing him of hypocrisy, which will probably sting until the next casting phone call from a Reality TV producer (lookin’ at you Australian Survivor).

Did that all make it an anti-climax for viewers…? Not entirely. Online many were giddy with the outcome.

Fans who have watched the 10 show have been very complimentary of the gameplay. But there just haven’t been enough of them now for two seasons. While the show’s brand grows worldwide, including winning awards, in Australia it is yet to fire for 10.

That said, host Rodger Corser in farewelling viewers teased, “If you’re the type who would happily throw your own mother under a bus for an incredibly large pile of silver, why not come and join us next time we play?”

The network now faces the ultimate dilemma: to banish or share the show in 2024?