The Simpsons, AI style….

The Simpsons, AI style….

This donut-eating dude is what Homer Simpson might look like in real life, according to AI.

Reddit user u/Crows_HeadIC used Midjourney software to try and see what The Simpsons the characters would appear to be human.

AI image generators are trained on images discarded from the internet, which means their training data tends to be disproportionately skewed by the inclusion of many professional models and celebrities.

Some of the AI-generated characters appear to be very different ages than their cartoons and way too good looking. There was a mixed reception to the images, with one user writing: “Marge is the only one that doesn’t work. Everyone else is great.”

Another added, “Very lifelike, would watch it immediately,” while a third wrote, “Best I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t convinced by Marge though.

The issue of bias is another reason AI imagers remain so controversial (along with issues of copyright and authenticity).

Meanwhile, recently an AI-generated live stream of Family Guy it was banned after it appeared to pose a bomb threat.

My take on the real life Simpsons

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