The Conners may end up with S6, says John Goodman

The Conners may end up with S6, says John Goodman

US sitcom The Connerswhich has disappeared from Australian screens, looks set to end with its upcoming sixth season, according to star John Goodman.

Goodman recently chaired the jury at this year’s Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

“I think we could end up with this, I’m not sure,” Goodman told France 24. “It lasted longer than I thought. It was supposed to be like an eight (episodes) show at one point, but they got us back and still get us.

Executive producer Bruce Helford recently said TV line it could also conclude with a shorter sixth season.

“Sara Gilbert has expressed to the network that we don’t want to walk out without knowing that we are coming out with a series finale so we can build the ending right — and right now, we feel that (next season) maybe it will be the last season of The ConnersHelford said. “I wouldn’t say definitively because the numbers have been so good this season and we’ve all had a lot of fun…but it’s definitely a possibility.”

A sixth season was renewed in May.

Its broadcast in Australia continues to miss, with 10 Peach screening season three in mid-2021.

A spokesman for 10 said TV tonight at the end of 2022,”The Conners no return is expected anytime soon.”

Source: Television Insider