The Block & MKR: a tale of two juggernauts

The Block & MKR: a tale of two juggernauts

While The Block is drawing big numbers for Room Reveal episodes, notably with Total TV numbers, media reports are citing a drop in the season average.

In Total TV numbers the Nine show is topping 1.5m viewers (this includes regional and BVOD) for Room Reveal episodes.

No other weekly show is amassing numbers that high, so it does feel harsh to focus on the negative.

On Sunday Nine maintained the show had a season average of 631,271 metro viewers up to Sept 14, higher than MKR‘s 535,207. But The Block also launched earlier, now at 26 episodes v 7 for MKR.

The Block is down around 22% year on year in overnights, with some viewer commentary that the cast are doing too much fighting and bitching. Nine execs recently referred to the volatile drama spanning this season. Even Goggleboxers commented on the minimal renovation work undertaken by the cast on camera.

In-fighting was once a claim levelled at MKR which has conceded past mistakes in its push to get back to basics. This season the show is up around 5%, managing some timeslot wins last week.

As the Nine show heads towards its 20th season in 2024 it would do well to take some of the criticism on board. It’s not all about Room Reveals after all?