The Block concludes filming

The Block concludes filming

Filming continues The block concluded last week with the finishing touches and appraisal of the completed Charming Street mansions in Hampton East.

Nine also dropped a promo teaser for the 19th season with its 1950s theme and Scott Cam in his best leather jacket and slicked back hair.

There were also stylized shots of this year’s cast: (left to right:) Gian and Steph / Kyle and Leslie / Liberty and Eliza plus Ash and Leah / Kristy and Brett.

Photos of the home’s exterior and landscaping have already been posted on social media.

Executive producer Julian Cress said of the cast, “I can tell they’re pretty damn amazing. One of the challenges that I think we faced as producers, bringing the show down to a much smaller scale than last season, was that it needed to be louder in other ways. So we were aware that we were going to find some very, very competitive people who would bring their input and really give us A-level competition. And they did exactly that.”

He added: “It’s all new faces. Some of the people who are on this show have applied to be on the show five or six times previously.

The block should be back in August.