The Australian Guild of Venue Managers is launched

The Australian Guild of Venue Managers is launched

A Australian Guild of Location Managers it was created following the recent increase in the government’s position offset to 30%.

Elizabeth Sarsfield, Mark Evans and Jacob Livermore are the directors of the company, supported by federal and state film agencies, as well as producers and other film corporations.

ALMG President Sarsfield said, “Our department plays a special role when it comes to attracting production and the value a location brings to the look and feel of a film project, as well as the successful management of crews working with communities and public spaces, should not be underestimated”.

The ALMG said that increased demand to service large productions across Australia and new initiatives to boost industry roles, particularly in the underlying capacity, with a focus on training qualified professionals to work in departments such as locations, has necessitated the creation of a group that can help drive the development of this industry and help train and nurture professionals.

The ALMG will seek collaboration with other industry associations to elevate the location profession and provide a fresh perspective on the filmmaking process.

The guild is now inviting location professionals, as well as screen industry peers, to apply to become a member online.

Source: C21