The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity: meet the cast

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity: meet the cast

11 celebrity teams compete on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity on 10.

Beau Ryan hosts the race across India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Borneo.

Teams are competing for a $100,000 prize for their chosen charity.

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Allie & Angie Simpson

Alli Simpson is a 25-year-old Australian-born singer, model, actress and host. Alli was inspired to have her own try at the entertainment business after watching her brother, Cody, rise to stardom. Alli gained notoriety by becoming the youngest nationally syndicated radio host ever, reaching seven million weekly listeners on Radio Disney. Simpson’s infectious smile and reserved but big personality is what draws her fans to come back day after day for more digital content and advice. Alli independently released five singles via her own label, So Alli Records. Several of which landed her on the Billboard charts and all of which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. Alli is a favourite at Network 10, having appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and The Masked Singer. Alli will be racing with her mum, Angie Simpson, who looks forward to making magical memories with her daughter that she will probably talk about until she is 100. Angie is a self-proclaimed “momager” to daughter Alli and Australian swimmer and singer, Cody Simpson. She is a children’s book author and has also appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2015). Angie is very much single, and open to finding her new love on the race! Mum and daughter will both be distracted by an attractive male team if there is one. Alli and Angie are often mistaken for best mates or sisters. Their cheeky relationship means they’re always up to something. Angie says viewers can expect humour and a naughty side that mum anddaughter are going to have to control.

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Bec Judd & Haley Twigley

Hailing from the west coast, Rebecca Judd has made her mark as one of Australia’s most iconic media figures with an illustrious multi-hyphen career. Bec is a name synonymous with design, style, and beauty, constantly wowing the crowds with her interior designs and knock-out outfits, or effortlessly sporting an off-duty model look in her very own label, Jaggad. With a highly engaged audience of almost 800,000 followers on Instagram alone, Bec is one of Australia’s most influential digital personalities. She juggles being a mum to four, whilst also working as a television presenter and brand ambassador for some of the country’s biggest companies. Rebecca Judd is racing alongside her sister and best friend, Kate Twigley. Executive Services Manager, and a mother of two, Kate is looking forward to sister time while the hubbies are at home looking after the kids. Participating in the race is a ‘pinch me’ moment for Kate, who in her 20s would travel the world pretending she was a contestant on The Amazing Race. With only two years between them, these competitive sisters and superfans of The Amazing Race are here to prove that they have what it takes to get to the end.

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Dane & Bow Simpson

Dane Simpson was a Deadly Funny national finalist in 2015. Since then, it has been a fast-rising trajectory for this Wagga Wagga based comedian with a whirlwind of corporate gigs, tours, and festival runs – as both a solo artist and as part of Aborigi-LOL. Dane has appeared at several comedy and fringe festivals, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, as well as television appearances on Have You Been Paying Attention?, Get Krackin, and in feature film rom com, The Merger. During lockdown, he became host of cult-hit Servo Bingo – an interactive online show involving a service station in Wagga Wagga. Dane will be racing alongside his dad, Bow Simpson, who will be the oldest person in the Race. As Dane’s 70-year-old Dad, Bow is his son’s biggest fan and a frequent character in Dane’s sets. Fun fact: Bow holds the Wagga record for most finger clicks in a minute and owns a didgeridoo with pictures of Michael Jackson painted on it. Bow will be like Crocodile Dundee abroad, genuine and super Aussie! Spinning a yarn and telling a joke. This cheeky father and son are very close, and love to have beer and a yarn together. Dane will struggle when Bow gets too stubborn, but Dane will have to go along with it because he won’t be told any other way!

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Darren McMullen & Tristan Dougan

Darren McMullen is a much-loved television presenter and actor who has spent nearly two decades working across prime-time networks in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Darren spent the first half of his life in Scotland and immigrated to Australia at age 12. Always having a propensity for acting, he would quite often fake illnesses to avoid school, however one class he would never miss was Drama. His career started at MTV and since then, Darren has hosted The Voice and The Voice Kids, Minute To Win It, The Magicians (BBC1), Love in the Wild (NBC), The Big Music Quiz and The Real Love Boat. In addition to his hosting abilities, Darren has built up his acting resume by starring in three Logie Award winning series’, House Husbands, Doctor Doctor and SeaChange, a well as the lead actor in the 2021 Stan Original film Christmas on the Farm. In 2022, McMullen also competed on the sixth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, finishing second. Darren will be racing alongside his nephew, Tristan Dougan. Don’t be fooled, these Glasgow boys are in it to win it. This super close duo love sports. Tristan hates losing and is known to get emotional when they aren’t winning. Darren calls it “The Kyrgios meltdown”. But while Tristan is happy to slum it, Uncle Darren isn’t looking forward to travelling “Cattle Class”. Darren plans on sitting down, eating pasta, drinking lots of red wine and telling his nephew what to do. “If there’s any kind of eating weird foods, he’s going to be doing that. If there’s anything that requires a lot of fitness and exertion, he’s going to be doing that. And I’ll just be here for the brains”. Not surprisingly, Tristan disagrees with his uncle’s sentiments.

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Emma & Hayley Watkins

Dancer and filmmaker Emma Watkins began her performance career early from the age of three, nurturing her love of dance and movement, performing ballet, Irish, hip-hop, tap and contemporary dance. After dancing in productions all over the world, Emma joined Australian children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles. Emma’s passion for movement and body expression expanded to an interest in sign language and raising awareness of Australia’s Deaf community since she was young. Ever since, Emma pursued studying sign language, completing her Diploma of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and currently studying a Diploma in Interpreting at Deaf Connect and her PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, focusing on the affective, artistic integrations of sign language, dance and film editing. Emma will be racing with her sister, Hayley Watkins. Both ladies are extremely competitive, so much so that they once didn’t talk for weeks after arguing over the rules in a game of Cluedo! Actress and model, Hayley Watkins has had an extensive modelling career and has been featured in the campaigns of respected brands such as Kathmandu, Camilla, Tim Tam and Step One as well as cohosting Destination Dessert on Network 10. Hayley’s lifelong love and passion for all things health and fitness has kept her busy as a fit model for brands such as The Iconic. Hayley currently performs on tour with her sister Emma for the Emma Memma live shows as the Dance Captain and suit character, BB Butterfly.

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George & Pamela Mladenov

“King” George Mladenov is a lawyer, author, and political operative from Bankstown in Western Sydney,and is coming into The Amazing Race Australia with the reputation of being Australian Survivor’s greatest and most notorious villain. George is both loved and loathed for his shrewd negotiating style and strategic prowess, which saw him make two finales in Australian Survivor finishing second in Brains v Brawn, and fourth in Heroes v Villains. George’s mindset has been moulded by three key things: a strong sense of community from his upbringing in Western Sydney; an innate ability to predict human behaviour after grinding out a living as a poker player; and a unique talent for getting his way through strategic influence learned from his career working in politics and government. George’s first book, How To Win Friends And Manipulate People will be released this November. A humorous and motivational guidebook that teaches Survivor lovers how to emulate the cunning, dastardly qualities they love in their favourite reality TV villain. George will be racing with his sister, Pamela Mladenov, of whom he is fiercely protective. George’s expert negotiation skills combined with Pam’s interpersonal skills means these siblings will be a charming force. However, their different personalities could see them butting heads. Pam is a down to earth Bankstown hairdresser who owns her own salon. Hailing from a loving, traditional family with Greek heritage, Pam recently appeared on Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly alongside George. Despite being eight years younger than George, the siblings would often get together to watch The Race, so understanding the mechanics of the game, will be a no brainer, especially for super fan George. Pam said audiences can expect tantrums, drama and meltdowns, but what’s going to bring them together is the fact that they’re bonded by blood.

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Grant & Chezzi Denyer

Grant Denyer is a man of many talents, moving seamlessly through many different roles from 2018 Gold Logie winner to motor-racing driver to Guinness World record holder. But most importantly, he’s a great dad and good bloke! Grant’s television and radio career has spanned over 20 years and during that time has become one of the most iconic and loved presenters in Australia. To date Grant has been the host of virtually every international TV format from Family Feud to Australia’s Got Talent, he’s surprised audiences with his dancing feet to win Dancing With The Stars, and has even braved the jungle on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, where he was runner up. Grant will be racing alongside his wife, Chezzi Denyer, who according to her husband of 13 years, isn’t afraid to “play dirty”. Cheryl Denyer grew up disliking the commonality of her name, leading her to adopt the nickname “Chezzi”. She’s had a diverse career, beginning at a local radio station in Bathurst at 15, navigating her way through roles in media, including an impressive stint at NSW Parliament House, and culminating in a producer role at Sunrise. Married to Grant with three spirited daughters, Sailor, Scout and Sunday, Chezzi balances life on a 27-acre farm outside of Bathurst with her media commitments. Today, she manages life as a mother, freelance content creator, brand ambassador and co-host and producer of It’s All True Podcast with her husband Grant.

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Harry Jowsey & Teddy Briggs

Harry Jowsey became a global sensation after rising to fame on the popular Netflix show Too Hot to Handle in 2020. Since then, Harry has quickly won the hearts of many around the globe with his comedic antics and classic charisma, entertaining his 10 million fans across his social platforms. Harry launched an interactive show on Spotify, Dating Harry Jowsey and hosted the hit podcast, Tap In, where no topic was too taboo. His social media series with Netflix, Who Wore It Best, saw Harry interview celebrities, from Reese Witherspoon to Gigi Hadid, Lindsay Lohan to Addison Rae, by paying homage to their iconic staple wardrobe moments. He also recently dipped into the business world, and as an official angel investor, Jowsey now has his sights on investing in more than 10 companies with 10+ million dollars in seed capital. Harry will be racing alongside his reality star best mate, Teddy Briggs, who Harry says is the more intelligent of the duo, and that’s why Harry needs him. These boys are used to the high life. They only travel by charter plane, first or business class! They even had to think twice about racing when they realised they would be flying economy. Teddy is excited to do this with Harry as he sees this is a fun lads holiday. They love to banter and can charm their way to anything they set their sights on. While Teddy can’t guarantee they are going to be the best at this, he can guarantee that they will be fun to watch.

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Jackie & Ben Gillies

Jackie Gillies is Australia’s most sought-after psychic medium, author, businesswoman, philanthropist and television personality. She’s appeared on five seasons of The Real Housewives of Melbourne and roughed it in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. She has sold out two national Shine It Up tours, which captures her message of self-empowerment. Since starting her career in banking, Jackie has leaned into her adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit and intuition to lead an intentional and purposeful life. Jackie will be racing alongside Ben Gillies, her soulmate, musician husband from Australia’s rockroyalty band, Silverchair. This September, Ben will release the much-anticipated book, Love & Pain: The Epic Times And Crooked Lines Of Life Inside And Outside Sliverchair. From a Newcastle garage to worldwide recognition, this book tells the remarkable story of two teenagers who grew up in Silverchair, one of Australia’s greatest rock bands. Jackie is fiery and passionate, which she says is due to her Croatian heritage. Her way of speaking to people is often extremely sparky and energetic while Ben now cries in Pixar films since becoming a father of twins in 2021. While Jackie will be the boss and in charge, Ben has written a strategy to prepare for the race: Get plenty of sleep between legs, don’t rush, go with your gut, don’t worry if you’re first or last, and make friends with other teams. These guys are prepped! Ben and Jackie have a strong moral compass and will be torn between sabotaging other teams and calling people out for cheating.

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Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson

Two times World Champion, four times Commonwealth Champion, in the sport of athletics, Jana Pittman personifies resilience and determination. When continued injuries that hampered her athletic career could have signalled retirement, she swapped the track for the ice. Jana joined the Australian Women’s bobsleigh team, to become the first women to represent Australia in both a Summer and Winter Olympic games. Outside of sport Jana has completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and a Masters of Reproductive Medicine. She is now a practising Doctor in the field of women’s health. In 2021, Jana joined the cast of SAS Australia making it to the last day and the only woman remaining in the final four recruits. Incredibly, while managing to do all of the above, Jana is also a mother to six children, having recently given birth to twins. Jana will be racing with the eldest of her six children, Cornelis Rawlinson. Cornelis plays almost all types of sports and excels in all of them. He is six-foot-five tall, and with both parents being passionate athletes, it’s no wonder that he has inherited that gene. Jana and Cornelis are looking forward to the special bonding time they will get to share on the Race. With five younger siblings, Cor doesn’t get much time alone with his mum anymore, and is looking forward to the time spent together.

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Peter & Frankie Roswthorn

Peter Rowsthorn is a well-loved Australian comedy icon and character actor, best known as longsuffering husband and pants-man Brett Craig on Kath & Kim. Peter has appeared regularly on Thank God You’re Here, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and hosted Can We Help. He has had roles in Open Slather, Underbelly: Squizzy, It’s A Date, and Timothy. In 2018, Peter braved the jungle on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. Peter is a natural on stage, having performed in several productions. His film credits include Kath & Kimderella, Crackers, Paper Planes, Looking For Grace, I Met a Girl, and the feature film Three Summers. Peter will be racing alongside his daughter Frankie Rowsthorn, who is known to be embarrassed by her dad’s farts and annoyed by his backstreet driving and making up silly songs about everything. But rest assured, when Dad jokes aren’t funny anymore, Frankie is here to step in! Like most teenagers, Frankie Rowsthorn loved to spend weekends holed up in her bedroom scrolling through scores of YouTube videos looking for a quick entertainment fix. But when the site recommended sketches by Saturday Night Live, an obsession for the US program inspired the then 13-year-old to start writing her own jokes. It wasn’t until she was 16-years-old that she performed her set for the first time at a pub in Fremantle, thanks largely to the pestering of her father. Since then, Frankie’s been forging her own path and is now established as a regular fixture on Triple J radio and the national comedy circuit, most recently opening for comedy heavy hitters Joel Creasey, Rhys Nicholson and Becky Lucas.

7:30pm Wednesday & Thursday on 10.