Thank God for Aaron Chen

Thank God for Aaron Chen

When Thank God you’re here returns to 10 later this year will be with a number of new comedians who have emerged since he was last on screen.

Three seasons of the improv comedy ran from 2006 to 2009, hosted by Shane Bourne.

Producers Working Dog planned the show’s return several years ago, but it was delayed by the pandemic.

“Talk about leaving a big gap between series,” acknowledged Rob Sitch. “We figured we’d like a whole bank of new people

“We literally planned a series five years ago, so this is something that has affected the pandemic. But we didn’t mind, because three years ago we were like, ‘Hey, has anyone seen this kid, Aaron Chen?’

“No one knew who Urzila Carlson was four or five years ago. The thing we wanted to wait for was (to have) a whole new generation.

Celia Pacquola will host the new series, but the producers are keen on details about the “new judges team”.

“It’s kind of like KFC’s recipe on that. We’re keeping a little secret about how we’re going to do it.

Filming is also expected to return to the Melbourne Showgrounds where the show has been progressive in light entertainment production.

“I think we will shoot out there. When we went out there, nobody was filming there and now it’s kind of Hollywood down under,” Sitch said.

“I think The Librarians was shot in one of the buildings. We used a large poultry pavilion and then once you show that you can do it on a large scale, then Master Chef he used it.