Super Bowl breaks US TV records

Super Bowl breaks US TV records

The Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers has broken US TV records with
123.4 million viewers across several platforms.

That was the biggest Super Bowl audience ever, being 2023’s 115m.

112 million of those viewers tuned into the CBS broadcast.

The rest were measured across Paramount+, Nickelodeon, Univision, CBS Sports and NFL digital properties including NFL+.

However, the total is still below the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, though that aired across television networks at once.

No doubt the attendance and media around Taylor Swift helped create even broader context for this year’s game.

In Australia the game Reached 2.55m viewers with a National Average of 800,000.

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said: “The Super Bowl is yet another excellent example of 7plus’ power to bring mass cultural moments – from around the world – live and free to all Australians.

“This year’s massive numbers are a testament to both Australians’ appetite for digital sport content delivered where and how they want it, and the power of a market-leading user experience that takes them inside the heart-racing moments shaping the global sport and culture conversation.”

1Apollo 11 moon landing7/20/69Multiple125M-150M
2Super Bowl LVIII (KC-SF)2/11/24CBS123.4M
3Super Bowl LVII (KC-PHI)2/12/23Fox115.1M
4Super Bowl XLIX (NE-SEA)2/1/15NBC114.4M
5Super Bowl LVI (LAR-CIN)2/13/22NBC112.3M
6Super Bowl XLVIII (SEA-DEN)2/2/14Fox112.2M
7Super Bowl 50 (DEN-CAR)2/7/16CBS111.9M
8Super Bowl XLVI (NYG-NE)2/5/12NBC111.3M
9Super Bowl LI (NE-ATL)2/5/17Fox111.3M
10Super Bowl XLV (GB-PIT)2/6/11Fox111.0M
11Richard Nixon’s resignation speech8/8/74Multiple110.0M
12Super Bowl XLVII (BAL-SF)2/3/13CBS108.7M
13Super Bowl XLIV (NO-IND)2/7/10CBS106.5M
14M*A*S*H series finale2/28/83CBS105.9M
15Super Bowl LII (PHI-NE)2/4/18NBC103.4M
16Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show (Michael Jackson)1/31/93NBC102.0M
17Super Bowl LIV (KC-SF)2/2/20Fox100.4M
18The Day After11/20/83ABC100.0M
19Roots (Part VIII)1/30/77ABC100.0M
20Super Bowl XLIII (PIT-ARI)2/1/09NBC98.7M
21Super Bowl LIII (NE-LAR)2/3/19CBS98.2M
22Super Bowl XLII (NYG-NE)2/3/08Fox97.4M
23O.J. Simpson police pursuit6/17/94Multiple95.0M
24Super Bowl XXX (DAL-PIT)1/28/96NBC94.1M
25Super Bowl XLI (IND-CHI)2/4/07CBS93.2M