Steph & Gian win The Block 2023

Steph & Gian win The Block 2023

Steph & Gian have won The Block 2023 with a record profit of $1.65m.

Together with a $100,000 prize it takes their total winnings to $1.75m.

House 4 in Charming Street Hampton East sold for a stunning $5m to billionaire Adrian Portelli after a drama-filled auction in which one of the attendees collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance.

“It’s an incredible feeling. We are so overwhelmed right now and can’t believe it. It was such a surreal day, and to end on such a high like this after all the hard work is amazing. We are so grateful that Adrian Portelli saw something in our house which we love so much. This will change our lives,” they said.

“We have no idea what we are going to do with the money yet. It’s going to clear our debts in Sydney. It’s going to set us up for whatever the next stage is. It’s just unbelievable.”  

A second house sold for a whopping $4.2m with a profit of $1.05m for Eliza & Liberty.

But a third auction struggled to reach its final price of $3.035m with Kristy & Brett fuming over the calls by their auctioneer. Their profit was $65,000.

Auction 4 fared better with a profit of $130,000 for Kyle & Leslie but Auction 5 for Leah & Ash was passed in at $2.9m just shy of its $2.97m reserve.

House 4
Gian & Steph

Reserve: $3.35m
Sold: $5.00m
Profit: $1.65m

House 5
Eliza & Liberty

Reserve: $3.25m
Sold: $4.2m
Profit: $1.05m

House 3
Kristy & Brett

Reserve: $2.97m
Sold: $3.035m
Profit: $65,000

House 1
Kyle & Leslie

Reserve: $2.97m
Sold: $3.1m
Profit: $130,000

House 2
Leah & Ash

Reserve: $2.97m
Sold: Passed In.
Profit: $0.

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Host Scott Cam said: “It has been a rollercoaster of a day, with ups and downs. We had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We had houses just above the reserves, one passed in, and then $1.65 million for Steph and Gian and over a million for Eliza and Liberty.

“I am very happy for Steph and Gian, I think they played the game beautifully and they deserve it. They stuck to their guns, they held their heads high, and they built a beautiful home.”

Executive Producer, Julian Cress, said: “For someone to make a million-dollar bid when the bidding is already at four million, it was an astonishing day.”

“The ratings for the show say it all. It’s due to the contestants that the audience stuck by the show for 12 weeks and the ratings kept going up and up and up. It’s because of these people and the fact they were compelling to watch.

“I think Kristy and Brett are two of the best contestants we have had on the show and I feel terrible for them that they had to go through that, after just watching their neighbours make a million plus. For them to make $65,000 is pretty heartbreaking.”

This wraps another successful season for Nine, which has underpinned Nine’s 3rd and 4th quarters in its 19 season -a ratings feat by any stretch.

Next year the show moves to Phillip Island for a remarkable  20th Anniversary season.

Julian Cress added: “It’s such a milestone to be able to say you are making a 20th season of a show. Scott and I and the whole crew are really excited to get into it.

“We think we have found the perfect location for an anniversary special in Phillip Island. It’s going to be an amazing 20th season of The Block.”

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