South Park: The Artificial Intelligence Episode

South Park: The Artificial Intelligence Episode

Uh oh.

San Francisco startup Fable has released an 11-minute AI-generated episode of South Park.

The unauthorized episode demonstrates the power of its new Showrunner AI technology, dubbed SHOW-1. It is released in the midst of a WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike which includes concerns about the potential impact of AI.

The company, which has won two emmys and a Peabody Award, released a research paper outlining the potential of its AI Showrunner Agents, who can write, produce, direct, cast, edit, voice over and animate TV episodes.

In a meta-twist, the episode’s storyline has Cartman and Butters attempting to launch their own deep, mock streaming service in the midst of an actor’s strike.

“Essentially, what the AI ​​Showrunner does is create episodes of South Park for you. All of this was created by the AI ​​Showrunner,” Fable CEO Edward Saatchi told GamesBeat in an interview.

“This document is just the beginning – imagine a world where fans can plug into their favorite shows, create new episodes, and compete to create the best episodes ever made, or a world where creators can use Showrunner AI to make their own original shows,” said Saatchi.

South Park was used to provide a comparison between a high quality human show and an artificial intelligence show.

Saatchi stressed that the AI ​​material shouldn’t be considered literary material and that AI Showrunner can help humans bring ideas to life, but he’s not a credible co-author on his own.

He added: “We are not releasing the Showrunner commercially and are not in talks with the South Park people (although we work with several studios and creators to make original IPs).”

Obviously, South Park he’s already done his episode on chatGPT, so it’s a question of who gets the last laugh…I guess.

Source: VentureBeat