Should Love Island, My Mum Your Dad cast LGBT singles too?

Should Love Island, My Mum Your Dad cast LGBT singles too?

There’s a flurry of dating shows at the moment, some with more diversity than others.

But does the format of dating shows allow for diversity of LGBT representation, or only heterosexual couples?

Kate Langbroek, host of My Mum Your Dad said of the Nine show, “I almost think it would lend itself off to a dedicated version of it. Because otherwise, what do you do if you’ve got two gay guys or two lesbians? Do you only put two in and they’re expected to (connect)? I mean, at least in this regard, you’ve got the choice of six or seven.

“It’s a little bit too Noah’s Ark if we get gender diverse, but only with one or two couples. But it would easily lend itself to a version of that, which would, of course be probably even more entertaining!”

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Alex Mavroidakis, executive producer of Love Island said, “We were the first territory in the world where two girls coupled up, in our second season. We had two bisexual girls couple up and it was fantastic. We loved it and we embrace it.

“But it is problematic because Love Island is a show where you’re essentially putting in boys and girls, and that’s how the firepits work, that’s how the dumpings work. The Americans just had exactly the same issue. They just had a female coupling, and in that scenario in the format of Love Island, one of those girls essentially has to become the ‘male’ in order to do the next picking at the firepit. Because it’s a numbers game so if there’s seven boys and six girls, the girls are picking the boys and one boy is going to be dumped …I realise this is very complicated…

“But bring on the day when two boys couple up, that would be an even better headline.”

My Mum Your Dad and Love Island are now screening on Nine / 9GO! respectively and 9Now.