“She exuded something special even then”: Neighbours casting director remembers a young Margot Robbie

“She exuded something special even then”: Neighbours casting director remembers a young Margot Robbie


Golden Globe winning producer Margot Robbie always had big talent and ambitions according to former Neighbours casting director Jan Russ.

Russ, who cast the famed soapie for 26 years recalls meeting the teenager who had guest roles in City Homicide and Elephant Princess ahead of her first series role in 2008.

According to Jan, Margot’s telling of her early beginnings on The Graham Norton Show, constantly calling FremantleMedia, is correct.

“She did ring a few times and then finally after her agent spoke with me. I said I would see her and asked how old she was. When she said ’17,’ I said, ‘I am looking for someone that age, so come in asap!’” she recalls.

“I remember sitting in my office and looking up as she was brought down to me, and thinking, ‘Wow this girl has a presence,’ which I always find very interesting.

“She exuded something special even then, so of course I couldn’t wait to see how she came up on screen to see if that presence still worked!

“I auditioned her and thought ‘The camera just loves her… her presence comes through the screen and she has talent. She can act!’ Plus she was also a very intelligent and focussed young lady and that impressed me as well.

“So many just want to be a star, but she wanted to work and learn all about her craft and knew exactly where she was heading in life. Of course I gave her the role, as she was perfect for it… she really brought the character to life and made a great impact on the show.”

On Monday Robbie’s hit film Barbie was the inaugural winner of the new Cinematic and Box Office Achievement award, while another of her LuckyChap Entertainment productions, Saltburn, is winning rave reviews.

“It’s fantastic,” said Jan Russ. “I’m so thrilled and happy for her as she has worked so hard with love and dedication to her craft and deserves every accolade and success that comes her way! Congratulations Margot. Onward and upward!”