Shark Tank: “We are all very competitive”

Shark Tank: “We are all very competitive”

It wouldn’t be Shark Tank without a little blood in the water, but according to Shark Davie Fogarty, the chemistry between the new cast members remains civil on the new-look 10 series.

“I don’t think anyone has huge egos, and if they do they’re definitely kept in check,” he tells TV Tonight.

“We are all very competitive, but also respectful. There were a couple of fights over some deals. But come the next pitch, we’re business people, we move on, we don’t let emotion dictate how we act in that regard. So I think there was some great chemistry.

“Whenever there’s five competitive people in a room talking about big sums of money, there’s going to be drama. It’s impossible to avoid that. It’s an unscripted show, it’s as real as it gets. So I think it’s really, really entertaining.”

This week’s pitches include 13-year-old Lucas Lane who has created a nail polish for boys, video game addict David Green who has a museum where visitors can play retro consoles like Space Invaders and Pac-Man, Sebastian Waddell with a fully automatic self-cleaning dog toilet,  Ryan Tilley and rugby Paralympian Bryce Alman with a 3D printed wheelchair, Australian native plants is showcased in a drink by Indigenous mother and daughter team, Tara and Mel.

7:30pm Tuesday on 10.