Shark Tank Australia: meet the cast

Shark Tank Australia: meet the cast

A new-look Shark Tank is unveiled tonight on 10, introducing 5 new Sharks ready to hear pitches from eager entrepreneurs seeking investment.

Shark Tank previously aired on 10 from 2015 – 2018 produced by Shine.

The new season from Sony-owned Curio Productions sees Sarah Harris return as narrator.

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Sabri Suby

Business Archetype: Hero
Motto: Where there’s a will there’s a way
Net worth: $75 million
Social Media: 176k IG followers / 90.4kYouTube
Age: 37

Sabri Suby is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency. With an impressive track record of client success, Sabri’s agency has gained recognition by appearing twice on the prestigious AFR’s Fastest Starters lists. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Sabri is the author of Amazon bestselling book “Sell Like Crazy.”

Known for his unwavering dedication and strong leadership, Sabri has earned the respect of his staff, who describe him as intense yet fair. His confidence and relevance in the ever-evolving business landscape have been instrumental in the agency’s success. Sabri’s journey began after a disappointing experience early in his career where he faced harsh criticism from his boss. Motivated to overcome this setback, he took matters into his own hands and founded King Kong, an agency that has transformed the lives of 58 individuals, propelling them to millionaire status. Having grown up in a single parent family, Sabri witnessed firsthand the challenges his mother faced in making ends meet. This experience ignited a motivation in him to succeed and create a better future. Sabri’s multicultural background reflects his diverse heritage, with an Australian mother and a fusion of Yemeni, Egyptian, Lebanese, and French ancestry from his father’s side.

Sabri is happily married and the proud father of three daughters, who serve as a constant reminder of his commitment to building a legacy and providing a prosperous future for his family. With his exceptional drive, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence, Sabri continues to make significant strides in the business world, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. As a Shark, Sabri is unafraid of confrontation and is known to fervently express his opinions in the Tank, demonstrating his unwavering determination to win pitches and make an impact. His mastery in the field of digital marketing is unparalleled, and with the online world constantly evolving, Sabri’s skillset is of immense value to the Entrepreneurs who bravely step into the Tank.

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Dr. Catriona Wallace

Business Archetype: Sage
Motto: Leave the world better than you found it
Social Media: LinkedIn 21k followers
Age: 57

Dr Catriona Wallace is a highly esteemed figure in the business world, often referred to as the leader of the pack. Renowned for her expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), she is recognised globally as a world authority in this field. Acknowledged by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) as the Most influential Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship, Catriona’s contributions to the field of AI are unparalleled. She is the founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, a testament to her dedication to the ethical and responsible development of virtual worlds that increasingly intertwine with our everyday lives.

Alongside the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, Catriona is the Executive Chair of Boab AI, and the Founder of Ethical AI Advisory (now part of the Gradient Institute, where she is a Director). She is an international keynote speaker, philanthropist, human rights activist, an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management UNSW…..and a mother of five. In an industry dominated by men, Catriona has established herself as an entrepreneurial authority figure, known for her expertise and incredible insights into the future of technology. She is the second woman ever to run an ASX-listed company and has never bowed to the pressures of how a female CEO should look, dress, or act.

Beyond her expertise in AI, Catriona is deeply interested in the realm of natural medicine. She continually strives to challenge norms and foster innovation in this field. Moreover, she is a strong advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, consistently working towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society. In the Tank, Catriona is interested in showing her support for minorities and has a commitment to ethical investments and sustainably made products.

Catriona’s unwavering commitment to her principles and individuality is evident from the time turned down a substantial $1 million investment from a board of investors. Despite their demand for her to remove her nose ring, she boldly stood her ground and wore a nose ring three times the size when declining their offer. This act of defiance highlights her steadfast determination and refusal to compromise her identity. With her unparalleled knowledge, visionary mindset, and unyielding determination, Catriona continues to shape and revolutionise the business landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the world of AI, natural medicine, and social change. Her pursuit for a better world and a more inclusive society will have a huge impact on Shark Tank Australia.

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Davie Fogarty

Business Archetype: Magician
Motto: Making dreams come true in and through the business
Net worth: $500 million
Social Media: IG 80.3K followers/YouTube 311k subscribers
Age: 28

Davie Fogarty, an Adelaide-born entrepreneur, is recognised for his remarkable intelligence in the business world. As an Ecommerce prodigy, Davie has achieved unprecedented success without losing his composure. As the Founder of Davie Group, he oversees the operations of ten consumer brands. Among his notable ventures are The Oodie, Pupnaps and Calming Blankets, which have gained significant recognition and success. With an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Davie continues to expand his business empire while maintaining a close relationship with his hometown of Adelaide. Despite spending a year in Melbourne, he found himself longing for home and subsequently returned to Adelaide.

He has garnered immense popularity on YouTube and Instagram, with a recent Instagram post titled “how I went from $500 to $500 million in five years,” showcasing his extraordinary journey.With his deep understanding of Ecommerce, Davie generously shares his knowledge through a free guide to building ecommerce on YouTube. His channel boasts an impressive subscriber base of 311,000, a testament to his ability to connect with and educate aspiring Entrepreneurs in the online space.

In his role as a Shark, Davie seeks out exciting products and ideas that he can leverage his Midas touch upon. He eagerly looks forward to taking a seat in the Tank, investing in ventures that capture his enthusiasm and have the potential for remarkable growth. Davie Fogarty’s positive attitude, intellect and passion for business have propelled him to great heights. With his innovative mindset and genuine desire to help others succeed, Davie’s presence on Shark Tank will inspire a new generation of Entrepreneurs to propel their businesses to the next level.

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Jane Lu

Business Archetype: Creator
Motto: If you can imagine it, it can be done.
Net worth: $55 million
159k IG followers / 61k LinkedIn / TikTok 109k
Age: 37

Jane Lu is a dynamic and spirited entrepreneur known for her unwavering determination and fierce independence. As the CEO of Showpo, an online fashion boutique that makes over $100 million a year, Jane has established herself as a prominent figure in the business world. She is also the co-founder of a female entrepreneur community group on social media which has garnered over 170k members (Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine) and hosts a podcast, The Lazy CEO.

Jane’s professional journey began after working as an accountant at a big international firm, where she had a game-changing idea: selling clothes online. This inspired her to take the leap and start Showpo. Initially, her Chinese Australian parents were apprehensive about her unconventional venture of selling clothes from their garage in 2011. However, Jane’s incredible success has since proved her parents wrong, as she has not only paid off their mortgage but also bought them a car. Jane has been recognised by featuring in the Australia Financial Review Rich List every year since 2017. Her entrepreneurial prowess and strategic vision have propelled Showpo to great heights, cementing its position as a leading online fashion destination. Showpo is particularly popular in Australia and the U.S.

Balancing her role as a CEO and mother of two, she continues to exemplify her tenacity and ability to excel in multiple spheres. Jane’s infectious energy and competitive spirit have propelled her to remarkable success. Her Chinese Australian heritage, coupled with a strong work ethic, has fuelled her drive to defy expectations and build a thriving business empire. Jane is an undeniable force on Shark Tank Australia, inspiring Entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and redefine what is possible.

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Robert Herjavec

Business Archetype: Global Citizen
Motto: Love your neighbour as yourself
Net worth: $1 billion business
Founder, Herjavec Group / U.S Shark: Shark Tank
Social Media: IG followers 769k
Age: 60

Robert Herjavec is a globally recognised business figure, renowned for his extraordinary expertise as a commercial leader, motivational speaker and CEO of cybersecurity company Cyderes. Over the past 15 years, Robert has become a household name as one of the Sharks on the Emmy Award-winning U.S series of Shark Tank. Additionally, he is a founder and investor on Canada’s Dragons’ Den. Born in Eastern Europe, Robert and his parents arrived to North America on a boat after escaping Communism in the former Yugoslavia. From delivering newspapers and waiting tables, to launching a computer company from his basement, his drive to achieve has led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family. He married fellow Dancing with the Stars competitor, Australian dancer Kym Johnson in 2016. The couple welcomed twins named Haven and Hudson in 2018 and moved to Australia in 2022. Robert is extremely energetic and playful. His business acumen and nose for a lucrative deal are legendary and these qualities make him an incredibly engaging and watchable Shark.

The inspiring narratives in Robert’s books — ‘Driven’, ‘The Will to Win’, and ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success’ — have made their way onto numerous bestsellers’ lists, with two appearing in the top 10 simultaneously. Robert’s dynamic presence has lit up stages in front of audiences ranging from 50 to 20,000 people, sharing the spotlight with luminaries such as Tony Robbins and Oprah. Boasting an impressive portfolio in investment, live entertainment and on-screen executive production, Robert brings an exciting blend of skills to the table. His background and wealth of experience is not only inspiring but truly transformative, making him an incredibly engaging and powerful Shark on Shark Tank Australia.

7:30pm Tuesdays on 10.