Seven looks to UK as it considers ‘Live’ Big Brother

Seven looks to UK as it considers ‘Live’ Big Brother


With Seven having confirmed the return of Big Brother Uncut in 2024, could a ‘Live’ show be next on the cards?

Seven’s Head of Scheduling Brook Hall says isn’t ruling it in or out, although the next season, expected in November was filmed a year ago.

“We tried over the years to broaden Big Brother out and had varying success. We tried to make it pre-recorded, family safe, more games. (2023) will be a more stripped-back to traditional Big Brother, where the cast is younger,” he recently told TV Tonight.

“There won’t be so much gameplay, it’ll go back to more Big Brother from the past. It was becoming almost Survivor-esque. During COVID we had control over it, it was amazing. But we’ve now thought there’s so much in that space, let it be more raw Big Brother.”

Yet an ongoing plea from Big Brother fans is to return to the ‘Live’ edition, which traditionally screened in an edited version, 24 hours after filming and with Live nominations.

“I think they’ve got a valid point. I would admit that,” said Hall.

“Trust me, when we discussed doing this we said ‘It’s evolving too much’….probably the first season we got away with it, but then contestants realised what it was when they watched it.

“Yes, it’s not live. But that has been discussed and in fact, the UK has commissioned the return of Big Brother with full on, Live nominations. I can say we are looking at how that goes.

“It was funny, after we’d shot they announced they were booting up the old version. So we’re looking at that.”

Big Brother returns to Seven soon (Big Brother Uncut in 2024).