Seven dances away with Sunday’s victory

Seven dances away with Sunday’s victory

A dancing with the Stars the grand finale was a winner for Seven with 702,000 tube spectators, which is well above the 564,000 in 2022 which was neck and neck with MAFS / Belly.

It has surpassed the rank 60 minutes (530,000), Restoration Australia (437,000), Hunted down (374,000) e The murder of Lyn Dawson (333,000).

After Bay of Fires drew 369,000 and saw a huge increase in Total TV’s numbers, then 7News headlines (317,000), World Swimming Championships (209,000) e FBI (154,000).

Seven network won Sunday with 32.9% then Nine 29.2%, ABC 15.2%, 10 15.0% and SBS 7.8%.

Seven news was number 1 at 1.03m with The last one to 163,000.

Nine news (796,000) was a best for Nine.

ABC News it was 527,000 then Compass (165,000) e This beast must die (125,000).

The Sunday Project he drew 269,000 / 194,000 for 10. 10 news first it was 172,000 / 165,000. NCIS: Hawaii they were 96,000.

On SBS it was News from the SBS world (176,000 / 124,000), When Champollion meets Ramses (81,000) and Women’s Tour de France (64,000).

Ash series topped multichannel by up to 145,000 for pre-game.

In Total TV last Sunday’s numbers were:

Bay of Fires: 1.11m
The beast must die: 355,000
Wimbledon: 340,000
Master Chef Italy: 1.19 m
Insiders: 534,000
The murder of Lyn Dawson: 537,000

Dancing with the Stars: 1.03m

OzTAM Overnight stays on Sunday 23 July 2023