Screen Queensland appoints new Head of Content

Screen Queensland appoints new Head of Content

Screen Queensland has appointed Tanya Ellen Head of Content to lead development and production funding programs and help Queensland’s screening business grow.

Screen Queensland Acting Chief Executive Dr Belinda Burns thanked outgoing Head of Content Mag Scholes and said: “Tanya’s extensive experience in film production, including her legal and academic practice, provides her with an unique skillset to support the sector across Queensland to be robust, resilient and ready to take advantage of the sustained growth of local manufacturing.”

Tanya Ellen said: “Screen Queensland has a reputation for being progressive while championing Australian storytellers. The levers of the industry are ever-evolving, with the rise of local manufacturing in Queensland presenting challenges and opportunities that require fresh thinking and flexibility.

“The Head of Content position is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the agency’s work to foster local talent and stories within this evolving landscape.”

Joins Screen Queensland from Monday 3rd July.

Ms Ellen’s career has spanned the creative and business sides of the film industry. Recognized by Screen Producers Australia’s Ones to Watch program a decade ago, she has worked as a creative producer across panels, reality television, news and morning programs, as well as feature films and documentaries.

As a practicing solicitor, Ms Ellen has assisted multi-million pound Australian and international productions and has a solid understanding of screen financing and problem solving from pre-production to delivery. After graduating with an MBA, she worked for a United Nations-funded non-profit organization in the field of sustainability and adaptation, and is an expert in how environmental, social and corporate (ESG) governance is shaping the screen, both in Australia and overseas.