Screen Forever 2023: the right time for NCIS: Sydney

Screen Forever 2023: the right time for NCIS: Sydney

Not much has been revealed about the new yet NCIS: Sydney series, currently filming in Sydney.

But last week at the Screen Forever conference, Dan Monaghan, Senior Vice President Content & Programming, Paramount ANZ, revealed that there will be an “accident” in the story that requires a NCIS extension force in Sydney… which could potentially hint at a crossover episode with the US series.

Talking about how the series took off locally, he said, “My boss has been talking about it for as long as I can remember, about getting a release. NCIS extension has been very popular in Australia for a long time…. It’s such a beautiful harbor environment that we have in Sydney, to get NCIS extension out here.

“Actually there is NCIS extension in Sydney there are quite a few. But the way the show is going to form, there’s going to be an accident and there’s going to be a reason for a proper lineup NCIS extension in the show,” he said.

“We are obviously owned by Paramount, which is CBS, and we work closely with them. I suppose if you talk about something long enough eventually the right time comes.

“And the right time has come this year. I think CBS is just as excited as we are to get it off the ground.

The series has been announced for a 2023 release but 10 has yet to mention the series in its second half highlights.

Filming is currently underway.