Screen Australia latest doco funding

Screen Australia latest doco funding

Screen Australia has announced a $2 million production grant. for two documentaries funded through the Commissioned Program and six projects through the Producer Program.

Screen Australia head of documentary, Alex West, said: “This new mix of projects will provide insights into aspects of Australia’s past as well as contemporary issues, highlighting relevant topics such as wildlife conservation, gender equality in sport and the public health system. We are proud to support these documentaries and I am confident they will resonate with local audiences and beyond.”

It’s unclear whether all of the titles are TV-related.

Program commissioned

Life on the Frontline in the Hospital (working title)
3×52 mins
Amazing movies
Writer/director Anthony Barwell
Executive producer Dan Brown
SeriesProducerJo Siddiqui
Synopsis Life on the Hospital Frontline (working title) will explore the challenges facing Australia’s public health system by going behind the scenes of one of Australia’s busiest public hospitals – Sydney’s St Vincent’s.

The way we wore
3 x 60 mins
Stranger Than Fiction Films Pty Ltd
Director Nel Minchin
Writers Nel Minchin, Mel Haywood
Producers Nel Minchin, Jo-Anne McGowan, Sarah Noonan
Executive producer Jennifer Peedom
Synopsis A fabulous story and a bit of roast from the Australian fashion industry that reveals how the clothes we wear provide an unexpectedly intimate insight into the evolution of our country.

Producer program

Rewards for the tribe
1 x 80 mins
Film field
Writer/Director Rhys Graham
Producers Molly O’Connor, Philippa Campey
Collaborator on the screenplay and director Pupil Jana Castillo
Synopsis A playful documentary following the collaboration between a group of contemporary dancers as they create a performance that challenges ideas of creative and physical ‘perfection’.

This is us (pictured)
1 x 30 min
Wild movies
Writer/Director Maggie Miles, Maggie Eudes
Producers Lucy Maclaren, Maggie Miles, Maggie Eudes
Synopsis Celebrating the occasion of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand, players of the Australia women’s national soccer team join fans in celebrating the team’s remarkable history.

Ellis Park
1 x 90 mins
Good Thing Productions Company Pty Ltd
Writer/director Justin Kurzel
Producers Nick Batzias, Charlotte Wheaton
Synopsis Everyone can impact the world around them in their own way; in the dark times of the Covid-19 pandemic Warren Ellis has found a way to make a difference.

1 x 75 min
Tilt Media + Entertainment
Directors Wendy Champagne, Oren Siedler
The writer Wendy Champagne
Producer Sam Griffin
Executive Producers Chris Hilton, Rhoda Roberts, Tom Zubrycki, Paul Wiegard
Synopsis The story of a radical 10-day festival in 1973 in which idealists face police interference, domestic chaos, drugs and personal drama to create a living model for survival on earth…and almost succeed.

Welcome to Babel
1 x 90 mins
Babel Film Pty Ltd.
Director James Bradley
Producers James Bradley, Graeme Isaac, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Executive Producer Andrew Myer
Synopsis An obsessed artist, a mad dream and the tormented history of communism come together in a journey that follows the creation of an epic work of art.

Never get caught!
4×60 mins
Projector Films Pty Ltd
Creators David Ngo, Erin Williams-Weir
Director Stephen McCallum
Writer David Ong
Producers Daniel Joyce, Erin Williams-Weir, David Ngo
Executive Producers John Battsek, Chris Smith
Synopsis Barry Cooper was one of Texas’ top narcotics officers, until he turned against the police force: exposing corrupt cops, helping addicts escape arrest, and fighting the war on drugs single-handedly.